Wireless data & power transfer in turbid seawater

These days measuring and monitoring a large amount of parameters via wired sensors is not a problem any more. However, the need for measuring parameters at hard to reach places, both above and under water, increases. Such places can be in/on machines and equipment as well as in the environment. In such places it is hardly possible to connect to an electric grid and establish wired data transfer.

The challenge owner foresees multiple application of techniques providing such solution, however all with varying environmental parameters, meaning different suitable techniques. Therefore, the focus will be on one specific case, namely the data transfer in turbid seawater. Furthermore, the measurement location will be on or near active equipment, which means that the noise and vibration levels are very high. Besides, large amount of disruption is generated in the water and the turbidity consists of very small up to large particles. However, because of having equipment close by the transfer distance is limited up to several meters.

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