The Challenge

Crane-lifting operations that include tagline operators are costlier, take up more space and are dangerous for the tagline operators. Verton is adding an unprecedented reputation for safety and efficiency by eliminating taglines on suspended loads. Keeping your workforce safe is #1. With their solutions, suspended loads can now be handled and rotated with a remote-control system. No more taglines means workers are out of harm’s way.


The Solution

Verton’s R-series is the world’s first remote-controlled electromagnetic load management systems, making crane operations considerably safer and about 25% faster. Their remote rotating device uses gyroscopic modules to rotate a suspended load. A new concept has been developed in which this unit is integrated into a lifting yoke for installing wind turbine blades.


The Success

Verton hold the crown for having signed the largest contract to-date in five years of the PortXL program with a corporate consortium composed by Van Oord, Mammoet and Vestas. The aim is to develop a way to shorten the installation cycle times for wind turbines and make it safer for operators. Verton also conducted a pilot with Royal IHC while in Rotterdam. Since the signings in 2019, there have already been further contracts signed with Mammoet and Vestas, as well as other successes both in Australia, Asia and Europe.