The Challenge

Underwater asset inspection and maintenance is a vital challenge worldwide. Human diver-based solutions and off-the-shelf underwater drones/ROVs both have their limitation. Data collected by diver or ROV is analysed, compiled and reported inefficiently in form of documents and CDs. In addition, when another inspection is done after a few years, due to the sheer volume and mis-organization of data, it is impossible to cross-compare data and thus forecast potential timelines of failures of assets.


The Solution

Planys focuses on creating customised solutions which includes creation of data capturing platforms (e.g. ROVs), development of novel data capturing techniques (Underwater concrete NDT) and a post data capture AI-enabled reporting platform for auto-identification, quantification, enhancement and categorization of defects. The reporting platform also allows cross-comparison of inspection data recorded across multiple years and thus appropriately augment asset owners to forecast preventive steps that helps them save time, cost and efforts.


The Success

During the PortXL program, Planys conducted various pilots, flying in team members from India for a few days at a time. The pilots resulted in four signed contracts at 2019 Shakedown, with partners City & Port of Rotterdam and Vopak, as well as North Sea Port all satisfied with the underwater inspection capabilities of the Indian scale-up.

Following the success, Planys CEO stated that the program made them realize the true potential/value of their technology solution to customers and gave them a superb head start needed to start full-time operations in Europe.

This led to a partnership with Dutch company AssetInsight to facilitate local operations and further projects in late 2019/early 2020 in Europe and the Middle East.