Fifi type I vessels range improvements

How to improve the range of Fifi type I vessel without large modifications?

Container vessels have significantly increased in size over the last years and fire fighting techniques have not always scaled sufficiently with this trend. One of the resulting challenges is that Fifi tugs (especially type I) may have insufficient reach in less than optimal conditions (wind, waves). Type 2 and 3 Fifi vessels often have sufficient range, but are less common. We are looking for a method that can improve the range of a locally rented type I vessels, with modifications that can easily be shipped. For instance a novel nozzle design, a pressure booster, etc..

The limited range of the Fifi type I vessels is due to the limited flow and pressure of the installed pump set. The waterspray disintegrates and at a certain distance it is not much more than single droplets that have limited range. Especially these droplets are susceptible to wind. Firefighting can not be done optimally when the water range is lacking.

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