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We help you to open doors and solve challenges. Apply today to enter our database of start-ups and scale-ups. We leverage the information you provide us by selecting you to solve the challenges we receive from companies throughout our industries on a regular basis. Would you like to get the chance to work on use cases to showcase the effectiveness of your solutions? Simply fill in the form below to unlock a world of opportunity.

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Get your technology solution noticed by corporates and increase your chances to work together with them on use cases leading towards pilot contracts and beyond.

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We filled in the form, what now?2020-10-15T08:11:57+02:00

Now comes the hard part… patience. We actively scour our database for solutions to challenges we receive on a regular basis. If we find you to be a good match for one of our challenges, we will reach out to you to confirm.

Alternatively, you can apply directly for one or more of the challenges that you see yourselves fit to provide a solution for. Have a gander through the challenge list and indicate when filling the form which one you are applying for.

What happens if we confirm that we would like to solve a challenge?2020-10-15T08:10:04+02:00

After we receive your confirmation that you would like to work on the challenge, we will inform the challenge owner of our selected start-ups and scaleups. Then the challenge owner (sometimes confidential) will select which start-ups or scale-ups they would like to open a conversation with. In the case that you are selected, we will connect you to the challenge owner. If you are not selected by the challenge owner, we will not make the connection. Nevertheless, your information will stay in our database to match you to other challenges.

Can we still apply if we don’t have a prototype or minimum viable product yet?2020-10-12T11:50:36+02:00

As a start-up, we will only select and present you to challenge owners if you have a prototype or minimum viable product (MVP) that is scalable, and are looking to validate your business proposition by conducting pilot projects.

Can we join if we are not applicable to the maritime, energy, logistics, or chemical refinery sectors?2020-10-12T11:49:37+02:00

Unfortunately, no. Our focus is on creating tangible business value for start-ups and scaleups who are serious about building their businesses in these sectors.

We are a B2C company, can we still apply?2020-10-12T11:48:51+02:00

Unfortunately, no. We are strictly a B2B accelerator.

How are the corporate partners involved?2020-10-15T08:25:22+02:00

Corporate partners hand in challenges that they are looking to get solved.

By joining the program, you get the chance to connect with said corporate partners to work on potential pilot projects, build business partnerships, or R&D collaborations.

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