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How it works

1. Hand in your operational challenge to PortXL, via a simple digital form.

2. Within 2 weeks (with exceptions in the holidays) you will receive 5-10 potential solutions. Get inspired and see if you would like to have a more in dept chat with 1 or more potential solution owners.

3. We connect you, where after you will discuss the problem and the solution together with the start-up.

4. If you like to continue, let PortXL know and we provide you with our digital success package.

5. Via both digital and personal guidance PortXL will help you in a collaboration with a smaller but ambitious company who really would like to help you to solve your problem.

6. After the project details have been clarified, you start your execution of the pilot. During the execution phase experienced mentors of PortXL are available to help you during the process if needed.

How to define a good challenge

Make sure to define a real problem, not a wishlist item, and define a pain point. When describing a problem think about the following: What do you want to repair? What are the symptoms? What is the cause? What is the risk if you do nothing? What is your anticipated outcome?

Finally, describe why you wish to get this done (monetary gain, saving time, safety, etc.)

Challenge examples

Become a PortXL partner!

The truth is, technology is moving faster than adoption in the maritime industry. There are so many possibilities and business benefits if corporates and start-ups work together in a win-win collaboration.

Join PortXL as a corporate partner and make the best emerging start-up technologies your own – let’s start a discussion!

Any Questions?

See if you can find your answer in our FAQ or send us an email.

What happens after we select a start-up?2020-10-12T11:46:54+02:00

We connect you, where after you will discuss the problem and the solution together with the start-up. We provide personal support and digital assistance throughout the process as required.

Can we submit a challenge that is not related to port-maritime?2020-10-12T11:46:36+02:00

Yes, as long as it fits in the other three fields we specialize in: energy, logistics & refinery.

How do you handle a confidential challenge?2020-10-15T07:19:14+02:00

All of our challenges are published anonymously. Should that not be enough, inform us and we will not publish it on the website.

Can we request another report if we are not satisfied with the first?2020-10-12T11:46:14+02:00

Absolutely. Let’s have a call to understand what was unsatisfactory and based on that we will provide you an alternative report.

There is a challenge we also have – can we collaborate?2020-10-15T07:55:49+02:00

Sure thing! We will connect you with the relevant parties and if they give the green light, you’re all set!

You also have the option to request a report – see the challenge pages – to receive the same information as the challenge owner.

Is it really free?2020-10-15T08:09:34+02:00

Yes. We take no fee for our work in matching you with the right start-up. This applies only until september 2021.

For any additional services please contact us.

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