Ports shore power

The challenge owner is seeking solutions to make shore power in ports more feasible.

When a ship docks, it no longer needs energy for propulsion. However, ships may still be large consumers of energy when stationary as several of the ship functions are still operating. This includes ventilation/heating/cooling, pumps, control systems and cargo handling systems. Consequently, the generators are running when in port, resulting in local noise and air emissions as well as global climate driving emission. Rather than letting the generators on board make the electricity this can come from shore power.

Shore-based power enables the challenge owner to kill two birds with one stone: cleaner air and less CO2.

Shore-based power is relatively easy to install and make profitable for inland shipping and ferries. The former use comparatively little energy and the second sail on fixed routes so that, apart from on the vessels themselves, facilities are only needed in a few locations.

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